What Is A General Warranty Deed?

As one of the most secure types of deeds, general warranty deeds are used in most real estate title transfers. General warranty deeds provide guarantees that the grantor has the right to sell the property and that the grantee will be receiving a title that is free of debt, claims, or other legal encumbrances. These deeds effectively protect the grantee from present and future legal issues regarding the property, should any arise.

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What’s Covered In A General Warranty Deed?

The guarantees of a general warranty deed are known as covenants. Traditionally, there are six covenants of title which can be divided into present covenants and future covenants. The present covenants are:

  • Covenant of Seisin. Guarantees the grantor has legal possession of the property.
  • Covenant of Right To Convey. Guarantees that the grantor has the right to sell the property.
  • Covenant Against Encumbrances. Guarantees the grantor has disclosed to the grantee any and all of the property’s encumbrances.

The future covenants of a general warranty deed are:

  • Covenant of Warranty. Guaranteeing the grantor will protect the property against any claims of ownership from another party.
  • Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment. Guaranteeing that the grantee will maintain the property’s ownership free of future interferences from third parties.
  • Covenant of Further Assurances. Guaranteeing the grantor will continue to take steps towards fixing any encumbrances within the grantor’s title.

When To Use A General Warranty Deed

It is advisable to use a general warranty deed when:

  • Finalizing the purchase of any real property.
  • Transferring a property’s ownership to a trust.
  • You suspect there are problems with a property and want to ensure the previous owner remedies them.

Those who prefer to have safety nets in place when making large investments, such as the purchase of a new property, will appreciate the reliable, all-encompassing coverage provided by the covenants in a general warranty deed. Our law firm can help businesses and individuals draft secure general warranty deeds, as well as any other documents needed for deed transfers!

How A Real Estate Attorney Can Help

If you need guidance to complete a general warranty deed, our legal professionals can help you gather all necessary information and ensure that the document is drafted in compliance with all North Carolina state laws. Transferring property can be a complicated and laborious process, but it’s one grantors and grantees will want to make sure is completed correctly so that both parties can avoid future inconveniences. Contact one of our real estate attorneys today to ensure your property transfer goes as smoothly as possible!

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