Litigation Lawyers In Asheville, NC

In the world of real estate, seizing a valuable opportunity is only the starting point toward achieving financial success. Successfully mediating and promptly resolving any procedural mishaps or landlord-tenant disputes is perhaps just as crucial to start on track. Unfortunately, navigating real estate law can be incredibly challenging and time-consuming, especially when resolving conflicts of interest between parties.

To stay ahead of the pack, make sure you have an experienced litigation lawyer by your side. With years of experience helping real estate investors and developers throughout the area, the Asheville lawyers with Goosmann Rose Colvard & Cramer, P.A., are more than capable of safeguarding your business from untimely disputes.

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Common Real Estate Disputes

Estate & Trust Administration

The passing of a loved one can be an incredibly challenging time for anyone — only to be further complicated by disputes regarding the deceased person’s estate and trustees. During these times, it’s best to leave any legal matters in the hands of a professional. Contact one of our litigation lawyers to ensure your rights are protected during negotiations.

Landlord & Tenant Litigation

Disputes between landlords and tenants can range in severity, from simple upkeep and repair misunderstandings to non-payment and eviction warnings. Most disputes are a result of poorly-worded lease agreements. Unfortunately, even minor conflicts could spiral into a much more expensive legal battle, so hire a litigation attorney sooner rather than later.

Real Estate Broker Commissions

When agents agree to split a commission on a listing or share the buyer on an open house, there’s always the potential for disputes, especially when these agreements are made orally without any supporting documentation. Make sure to seek legal counsel in the event of a dispute before beginning negotiations or accepting compromises.

Real Property Tax Protest / Certiorari

North Carolina state law requires all counties to reappraise real estate property at least once every eight years. However, if you believe your appraised property value is substantially higher or lower than it should be, you have the right to appeal. Contact a real estate lawyer with Goosmann Rose Colvard & Cramer, P.A., to learn more.

Residential Landlord Rights

Just like tenants, landlords have certain rights concerning their leased property. For example, state law specifies when and how a landlord may terminate a tenancy if a tenant has violated a lease term. In the event of a dispute, make sure you’re backed by a real estate attorney experienced in landlord-tenant conflicts.

Do I Need A Litigation Attorney?

Real estate disputes can arise from many places, including one of the many contracts involved in a transaction. What’s worse, the more parties involved in a business — i.e., investors, lenders, and developers — the more difficult it becomes to resolve an issue. Disputes can not only halt revenue and property development but also negatively affect reputation and creditworthiness.

Given this potential for disruption, it’s best to leave litigation to an experienced litigation attorney who can swiftly and effectively remediate the issue.