Construction Law Attorneys

Every real estate development project is carried out by a shocking multitude of parties, and nowhere is this more apparent than when planning a construction strategy. Between hiring suppliers, contractors, lenders, and designers, drafting and managing each contract while keeping everyone accountable can be challenging but also crucial in preventing construction issues. Savvy real estate developers know, however, that there is no better way to ensure a project’s success than by enlisting the help of experienced construction attorneys. Contact our real estate lawyers in Asheville, NC, with Goosmann Rose Colvard & Cramer, P.A. today for experienced legal counsel and representation regarding construction agreements and disputes.

Why You Need A Construction Lawyer

From the moment a contract agreement is drafted to long after a real estate project is finished, issues can arise between the parties involved in a construction process. In particular, projects backed by shoddy legal paperwork are vulnerable to liability claims, breaches of contract, and significant financial risks. A real estate lawyer, who is well versed in the finer details of construction law, can help developers and contractors alike handle all types of construction-related legal documentation and action, including the following. 

  • Licensing & Bonding
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Construction Contracts
  • Breach Of Contracts
  • Negotiation & Litigation
  • Workmanship Disputes
  • Payment Disputes
  • Closing Process

Construction Contracts

Just like with any other piece of legal documentation, construction contracts should be thoroughly reviewed by an attorney ahead of anyone signing them to prevent any costly disputes down the road. Using generic agreements to conduct business is risky as these are not tailored to the particular business at hand and may even include outdated and unenforceable clauses. To help you draft, review, and revise all legal paperwork required for your real estate business, contact our real estate law firm in Asheville, NC.


Even though substantial legal paperwork can go a long way in preventing a dispute among parties, our real estate attorneys can also represent clients in court in the event a party decides to take legal action. Among the services we provide, we can help clients compile evidence, testimonial support, and expert justification to support their case. Because construction involves a large group of different industries and professionals, both defendants and plaintiffs should hire a real estate lawyer with a broad knowledge of construction legislation.

Payment Disputes

Late and absent payments can delay the construction process, which could result in unexpected financial losses for both developers and contractors. Our construction attorneys can help clients negotiate for compensation by determining and filing the right type of dispute claim for their situation. Laws and regulations regarding construction-related payment disputes vary widely depending on the state of operation, so real estate businesses need to stay in the loop. Our lawyers have experience successfully handling mechanic’s liens, bond claims, prompt payments, and retainage claims.

Workmanship Disputes

When contractors fail to complete a project on time or deliver subpar results, there are multiple ways for developers to take action. If the construction contract is clear on what standards and schedule constructors must follow, it is relatively straightforward to file for compensation against the contractor, but this is not always the case. When the contracts are vague, it is more difficult to prove liability. Regardless of the scale of the project, our team can help clients negotiate and get the compensation they deserve when affected by poor craftsmanship.

Real Estate Attorneys In Asheville, NC

Given that the construction industry involves a plethora of different business sectors, it is in the best interest of developers, contractors, designers, and anyone involved in a construction project to prevent any disputes right from the start. Our Asheville real estate law firm focuses on providing legal services to developers and contractors in the early stages of their projects. Whether you want to start your next project or your current one has stalled, contact us for an inquiry about a construction contract today!